June 1, 2022 - Genesis Rehab Services, one of the nation’s largest rehabilitation therapy providers, and its sister company Respiratory Health Services, today announced a corporate rebrand and launch. At the heart of these rebranding activities is a change of each company’s name to Powerback - as described below - along with updated corporate logos and a reimagined mission, vision, and values.

Genesis Rehab Services is now Powerback Rehabilitation.

Vitality To You, the in-home outpatient service line, is now Powerback Rehabilitation To You.

Respiratory Health Services, which fulfills the contracted respiratory care services for Powerback Rehabilitation, will now be called Powerback Respiratory.

Consulting and education services will now be offered as Powerback Consulting (formerly Solutions).

Fueled by the challenges of the pandemic and demographic shifts in the aging population, these companies have embraced the rapid evolution of their services to include a focus on overall wellness, lifestyle enhancement, and aging in place. Our reimagined approach to rehabilitation connects directly to the patient experience, which is centered on transforming the road to recovery for everyone and helping patients get their power back. The result is a new brand identity that embodies the goal of its service portfolio, reimagined corporate vision, and the renewed energy and enthusiasm of all its employees.

The new branding will be rolled out across the nation in the coming months and includes a newly launched website. The improved site will provide an enhanced experience for all stakeholders and provide valuable insight into our business, services, and culture. The rebrand and website will be completed by January 1, 2023.

“It’s a major milestone after 36-plus years. We are excited to refresh our brand to better reflect the expanded scope of services available to our patients and business partners now and in the future,” said Lou Ann Soika, Chief Strategy and Administrative Officer for Powerback, adding, “This new branding perfectly illustrates our mission and our growing ambition in the market.”

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