June 25, 2024-- On May 10, 2024, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) published new regulations related to Facility Assessment, as part of the Minimum Staffing Standards for LongTerm Care (LTC) Facilities Final Rule. These new provisions will go into effect on August 8, 2024.  Last week, CMS released revised guidelines for Long-Term Care (LTC) Facility Assessment requirements.  

 Per the new guidelines, the facility assessment must include an evaluation of diseases, conditions, physical or cognitive limitations of the resident population, acuity and any other pertinent information about the resident population as a whole that may affect the services the facility must provide. This assessment of the resident population should then drive staffing decisions both in terms of quality and competency. Revised guidance also includes the note that surveyors should determine whether a facility assessment contains the required components under the regulation rather than evaluate the quality of the facility assessment.

The update specifically asks surveyors to consider in their assessment the following questions:  

  • Does the facility assessment include an evaluation of the resident population, and its needs (e.g., acuity) based on evidence-based, data driven methods? Does this reflect the population observed? Does it address the facility’s resident capacity?
  • Does the facility assessment include information on the staffing level(s) needed for specific shifts, such as day, evening, and night, and adjusted as necessary based on changes to resident population?
  • Does the facility assessment address what skills and competencies are required by those providing care?
  • Was the facility assessment conducted with input from the individuals stated in the regulation which includes: Nursing home leadership and management, a member of the governing body, the medical director, an administrator, director of nursing, direct care staff, and potentially residents, resident representatives, and family members?
  • Does the facility assessment indicate what resources, including but not limited to, equipment, supplies, services, personnel, health information technology, and physical environment are required to meet all resident needs?
  • Does the facility have a plan for maximizing recruitment and retention of direct care staff?
  • Does the facility assessment include a contingency plan that is informed by the facility assessment?

Powerback Rehab will continue to monitor additional information and guidance provided by CMS. For the revised guidance in its entirety click here .

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